Zwingli United Church of Christ
403 W. King St., East Berlin, PA


Thought and Prayers

Generous Giving

          Zwingli, you are an incredibly generous church---especially notable when we sacrifice,  pulling our resources toward the same ends.  We do great things---and great good.

          We have many opportunities to give thanks with time and talents to God---especially for the Capital Campaign which we conducted summer 2015. We are very aware that many are not able to give as much in pledges, but give of themselves.  The greatest gift we give to God is the sacrifice of our generous loving heart. Your regular attendance and participation at church  demonstrates God's laws and ways  are our priority.  God bless you for your willingness and patience without which the world is pretty cruel.  

          Giving---financial gifts and gifts of talent and time--- are close to the heart of God.  Remember Jesus, even when he was quite tired from all the demands on him, still he found time to hear those who were suffering and came to him for a kind word or a healing hand.  When you stretch yourself in one or more ways, as he did,  you are like Jesus. 

Good mother and fathers are the greatest givers in the world.  They sacrifice so much for their children.  We give a special thanks to God for mothers, fathers, and family members everywhere who sacrifice to give so much energy and resources into helping children.

          Speaking of the sacrifice, we think of Jesus Christ.  Jesus reminds  us that Christians have a call from God to serve the common good.  “For God so loved that world that God gave……”  The whole world---God loves everyone and everything ---no exceptions----the common good means we share with others---people everywhere no matter what education, class, smell, color, etc.   I feel so sad when we so quickly parse our gifts and share only with those we consider worthy or acceptable. 

          Here at Zwingli, as your representative in our community, because of your gifts to the discretionary fund, I'm able to help a good number of people---the needy ones--- needing mostly gas or food or rent.  Some of them are people who have made bad choices or perhaps are unable to make better choices for any number of reasons.  They are not beggars—any more than we are---we just beg for different things.  They are people for whom Christ died. I try not to judge. “There but for the grace of God go I.”

          God bless you all and enjoy God’s bounty! 


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