Zwingli United Church of Christ
403 W. King St., East Berlin, PA

Meet our staff


Rev. Dr. Margaret Wise

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Pastor:  Rev. Dr. Margaret Wise 
Treasurer:  Mike Bross
Financial Secretary:  Emily Emig
Organist/Chior Director:  Kay Guise

Dr. Margaret Wise

August of 2013 I will have completed 25 years of ordained ministry. There is no one word or words to describe this experience. Ministry is a graced blessing and a lot of heart (yes, “heart” not “hard”) work. I graduated from Boston University in May of 1987, spent a year doing training in a Philadelphia hospital for the work of chaplaincy. Then I was ordained in 1989 and moved to Winchester, VA, to a chaplaincy position in the medical center there. It was a great place to do ministry with all the talented staff and to meet others in that community; both the ill, the injured and the well ones.

My husband and I felt a call of adventure and I found a Director of Pastoral Care position in a long-term UCC facility right in Chicago. I never would have believed it, but that place added to the riches of my soul. But home and family pulled my heart back to the Central Atlantic region and in 2004 we moved back to PA, my home state. I have been here at Zwingli UCC for nine years this summer. Being here and part of this community of East Berlin and Zwingli UCC has proved to be yet another personal growth period---to know and love God and neighbor. The local church ministry at Zwingli has been demanding, challenging, and fun. In the words of a recent choir anthem, “Lord of the Dance.” God has led me in a great “dance.” I'm loving it!

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